Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair




You can get excellent quality work performed on your vehicle without paying expensive auto body shops. Work is performed by an experienced, professional expert in paintless dent repair. We have the right tools to perform nearly every job, from high strength steel, to aluminum and double metal panels. Having the right tools is of utmost importance. We stay informed and educated on the latest technology to give you the best quality.


Environmentally Friendly

The equipment used by Izzy Dents Repair are not your typical body shop tools. There is no paint to spray, and no bondo used on your car. Chemicals are thereby reduced, which is much safer for the environment. Let's help keep our planet clean. 



There is no painting or replacing panels with Paintless dent removal. This means that when you eventually sell or trade in your car, the value of your car will not be affect by the work done. This is just another added benefit if you're are concerned about maintaining the value of your vehicle. 


Convenience & Time

Yes, you can get your car fixed without even leaving home. Who doesn't love that? Are you at work all day? No problem. Izzy can come to your place of business and complete the work before you leave to go home. No need to get a ride while your car sits in a shop. 90% of repairs take 1-4 hours to complete. 



Since your CarFax report won't be affected, there is no concern for highly diminished car value should you decide to sell it in the future.


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